A day in the work-life of sustainable farming in Britain.

Part of the ESRC funded research project 'Agri-environmental Governance Post-Brexit',
University of Sheffield & University of Reading.

Lush green pastures rich in red clover provide nourishing grazing grounds for sheep and cows on Oliver Lee’s farm. Oli jumps in his buggy with working dogs Tim, Meg and Sally to grapple with the daily manual work of rotational grazing - regularly moving livestock to allow fields to replenish without artificial fertilisers. Immersing us in a work-life where farming meets conservation, ‘Rotational’ shares an intimate experience of agricultural labour through coordination of human, animal, technology and living landscape. Despite the many ecological and health benefits for livestock, wildlife and soils, is this demanding workload viable for family farms like Oli’s?

Directed and filmed by José L. Fajardo and Kieran Hanson.
Edited by Kieran Hanson.
Filmed on location in Leicestershire, England.

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