Maps of History and Prophecy from the Christian Brethren Archive at The University of Manchester.
'Signs of The Times' is short film capturing the event of the same name on 31 March 2023 at the historic John Rylands Research Institute and Library, Manchester.
This event provided a unique opportunity to see some of the mysterious maps of history and prophecy in the Special Collections of The University of Manchester Library and get an overview of their history and purpose. Signs of the Times discusses texts and images of apocalyptic imagery from the 8th century to the present day. The Biblical Books of Daniel and Revelation, with their mysterious prophecies of the futures, have posed a challenge to readers throughout the ages. Attempts to understand the texts’ predictions have led commentators to break the books down into highly decorative and original charts which set out both key historical events, and future fulfilments.
In its two hundred years of history, the Brethren movement has become well-known for the prophetic interests of many of its leaders.

Commissioned by the Christian Brethren Collections, at the University of Manchester.

Directed, filmed & edited by Kieran Hanson.

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