The Nose Knows - Foreignness & Fortune in China
There are so many different kinds of noses. But what can they tell us? Can they be political? Throughout history, noses have been used to separate Chinese people from foreigners. In the present day, can noses also be the key to changing your destiny? If we know more about noses, maybe we can better understand how China sees itself, and its increasingly important place in the world.

A co-production with Sensible Films.

Directed by William A. Callahan & Kieran Hanson.
Camera & Sound - Kieran Hanson (UK), Mumu Kao (Taiwan).
Edited by Kieran Hanson.

Based on research from William A. Callahan - 
Chinese visions of self and Other: the international politics of noses,
International Affairs (2023) Open Access
This film is supported by the Taiwan Fellowship programme
London School of Economics and Political Science
and the British Academy

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